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The presentations below summarise data for each service about complaints and compliments made to the MHCC and directly to services for the 2017-2020 period. The reports include statistics about the types of issues raised and how complaints were resolved.

The MHCC categories issues raised in complaints from the perspective of the person making the complaint. The categorisation does not indicate that the concerns or any allegations were substantiated by the MHCC.

The presentations provide a comparison across services and across time to enable services to identify trends and areas for improvement.


The presentations show that trends in complaints made to the MHCC and directly to services may vary across services, and caution should be used when drawing conclusions about relative rates of complaints.

Higher rates of complaints made to the MHCC may reflect higher numbers of issues experienced by people accessing those services; however, it may also reflect services’ efforts to make consumers aware of their right to make a complaint.

Similarly, higher rates of complaints reported by services may represent effective complaints reporting processes and/or a positive complaints culture. It may also demonstrate higher numbers of issues experienced by people who use those services.


The data in the following presentations has been produced and processed from reports generated by the MHCC database. Although the data has been subject to a limited verification process it may contain errors and it may not be accurate or complete for a range of reasons, including issues with reporting of the data and possible duplication of complaints.

If you have any questions you can contact info@mhcc.vic.gov.au for more information or support.

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Reviewed 05 January 2023

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