In 2016, the MHCC conducted our first survey with people who had made a complaint to our office. The responses we received contained valuable feedback about what we are doing well and how we can improve people’s experiences with our office.

  • 73 per cent of respondents found it easy to make a complaint
  • 56 per cent of respondents said that their experience with the MHCC improved their confidence to make a complaint in the future
  • We received strong positive feedback about our team’s professionalism and helpfulness.

We are working to make a range of improvements to address the feedback we received, including:

Timeliness - We now provide more support to our resolutions team to assist them with their caseloads and reduce the average time taken to reach resolution for complaints. For example, we have improved our case management system and introduced new reporting processes to help us identify complaints that require immediate action.

Contact and follow up with people making a complaint - We will soon be introducing an email-to-text system which will provide an additional method of contact and will also allow us to provide short updates to people making a complaint.

Satisfaction - We are working on ways to provide more support and information to our resolutions team on responding to complaints about access to services and communication with the treating team.

Understanding of our role - We are working to improve our communications to ensure that we are clear about our role. For example, while the MHCC can assist to ensure a person’s views and preferences about their treatment are considered, decisions about compulsory treatment are not within our scope. 

Working with families - We have introduced a process to ensure we quickly assess and make decisions on complaints made by family members relating to a person’s death, including an early face-to-face meeting with the person making the complaint.

Have your say - 2017 survey

This year we are seeking more detailed feedback to help us to continue to improve people’s experiences with our office. We are surveying people whose complaints have been closed since 1 July 2017 and we will be contacting eligible participants directly by phone or text.

If you contacted us outside of this timeframe or for a reason other than making a complaint, we encourage you to tell us about your experience with our office by phone on 1800 246 054, email at, or anonymously through our online form here. We value and use all of the feedback we receive to consider how we can improve people’s experiences with our office.

If you have agreed to participate in the survey and no longer wish to, please contact us at You can find our privacy policy here.