Commissioner Lynne Coulson Barr will be taking part in The Mental Health Services (TheMHS) Conference symposium where mental health commissions and commissioners from Australia and New Zealand reflect on the effectiveness of mental health reforms and innovations. 

Commissioner Coulson Barr will explore the relevance of our work with consumers, families, carers and people working in services, and how our office has made a difference to individuals, services and the broader mental health system.

Commissioner Coulson Barr will also be delivering a presentation on the compelling narrative complaints provide about mental health service culture.

She will explore the MHCC’s work and key themes stemming from consumers’ complaints about services in Victoria, and how we have used complaints data to influence systemic change. Commissioner Coulson Barr will also provide detailed aggregated data on the numbers and types of complaints to assist service leaders in thinking about their own service improvement.

‘I will be giving an insight into the importance of hearing consumers’ experiences at the service level and how this can provide valuable information about the culture of the service. 

‘I will also be discussing how service leaders can work with people’s experiences in a more meaningful way to influence change within their own service,’ Commissioner Coulson Barr said.

The conference will run until 31 August at the Adelaide Convention Centre.