As part of our commitment to being driven by the lived experience of consumers and carers, the MHCC is seeking to better understand and improve how it engages with consumers, carers and services through a survey.

The MHCC is seeking the views of consumers, carers, their family as well as other stakeholders about their experiences of engaging with the MHCC’s complaints process and its communications. Your answers will be anonymous and help provide the MHCC with valuable perspectives and insights that can support its commitment to driving continuous improvement.

The survey will take around 15 minutes to complete. Please click hereExternal Link to complete the survey.

Frequently asked questions

  • The MHCC has engaged ORIMA Research, an independent research organisation, to conduct this survey. ORIMA Research have not and will not be provided with your personal information – they will only collect and collate the answers from this survey. ORIMA Research will keep this information confidential.

  • This survey is part of the MHCC’s commitment to driving continuous improvements across Victoria's public mental health system as well as within the MHCC.

    We will compare the results of the survey with previous surveys.

    The key findings will help us identify how we can improve our services. Our Advisory Council and Lived Experience members of staff will also give us guidance for understanding the feedback we receive so that we may reflect upon, and identify areas for improvement.

  • The answers you provide will be anonymous – it will not be possible to link your answers to your name or other personal information. At the end of the project, the MHCC will receive a copy of the individual responses. To ensure your answers remain anonymous, ORIMA will remove any names included in the responses or specific content that could identify you in the free text comments, before providing this to the MHCC.

  • ORIMA Research is required by Australian law to ensure information about you stays private. This means:

    • The answers you provide in the survey will only be provided to the MHCC and will not be shared with any other parties, unless ORIMA is required to do so by the law.
    • Other people cannot access your details, like your name and contact details – ORIMA does not have access to these details. It will not be possible for ORIMA or the MHCC to link these details to your answers.
    • Your survey answers will be kept confidential, stored securely on Australian servers, and accessible only to a small team at ORIMA and the MHCC.
    • The information and opinions you provide will only be used to assist the MHCC in improving how they work, and strictly in line with the ORIMA Research Privacy Policy.

    The Privacy Policy is available at www.orima.comExternal Link and contains further details about how you can access information we hold about you, how you can make a privacy-related complaint and how that complaint will be dealt with.

    Any questions should be directed to Orima's Chief Operating Officer, Kim Sullivan on (03) 9526 9000.

  • If you have any questions about this survey, contact info@mhcc.vic.gov.au.

    If you have any questions about the survey process, or problems completing the survey, contact ORIMA Research on 1800 654 585 (toll free within Australia) or surveys@orima.com.

Reviewed 29 August 2022

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