Our role

Under the Mental Health Act 2014 (the Act), all public mental health services, including designated mental health services and mental health community support services, are required to provide a twice-yearly complaints report to our office.

These reports show us the number of complaints received by the service and the outcomes of these complaints.

Our approach

We collate and analyse data from complaints reports, identifying key themes and emerging issues across the sector to inform projects and recommendations that lead to service improvements. We also use this data to provide insights into the concerns and experiences of consumers, families and carers, and the current status of complaint processes and reporting systems across the sector.

Our issue categories are built on existing Victorian Hospital Incident Management System 2 (VHIMS2) complaint issue reporting categories to enable detailed and analysis and comparison of the issues experienced by consumers, families and carers. 

We use this data to produce complaint reports for individual mental health services. These reports analyse complaints reported by services and those made directly to the MHCC, with a statewide comparison. We also meet with services to review this data together and seek their feedback about how we can refine and improve these reports.

Through analysing and discussing complaints reporting data with services, we aim to build a joint understanding of any trends and differences to inform service improvements, and to identify opportunities for improving the collection and use of the data.

Statewide complaints reporting

The MHCC also produces statewide reports on complaints received by services and complaints made directly to the MHCC for the public. These reports describe the numbers of complaints made, who made complaints, what types of services and service settings complaints were made about, what issues were raised in complaints and the outcomes of complaints statewide.

A statewide report on complaints received or closed in 2015-16 to 2017-18 by designated mental health services is currently available here: Statewide Complaints Report 2015-18. A statewide report incorporating 2018-19 complaints data is currently under development.

For more information, please refer to the local complaints reporting section of our annual report, or contact the MHCC’s Manager Strategy and Quality on info@mhcc.vic.gov.au.