Education and training is a key function for the MHCC. The Mental Health Act 2014 requires us to provide information, education and advice to mental health services about their responsibilities in responding to complaints. 

To help achieve this, we undertake a range of education and engagement activities, including training sessions and presentations to staff on the mental health principles that services must uphold, effective responses to complaints, and ways for creating a positive complaints culture.


Our approach

The approach that we take is guided by consultation and feedback from consumers, families and carers, which highlights the need for proactive strategies to address barriers to making a complaint.

Our work with services aims to support cultural change in the ways in which staff approach complaints, and to create environments where consumers, families and carers feel supported to speak up about their concerns and experiences. Our work also aims to build the capacity of services to provide effective responses to complaints, and to resolve complaints in ways that support people’s recovery and improve services for all Victorians.


Request a training session 

To request an MHCC training session, contact our Education and Engagement Team on 03 9032 3328 or at