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Messages from consumers

Watch the videos below to hear more about the campaign from consumers of the mental health system.

Message from Robyn

Robyn is a member of the MHCC Advisory Council. She uses her lived experience as a consumer and peer-led recovery to work with others. In this video, she talks about how speaking up can make the system better.

Message from Dean

Dean Duncan is the current chair of our Advisory Council. He is a proud Kamilaroi man from Moree NSW, who has dedicated his life to creating positive change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and in 2019 was awarded NAIDOC's National Person of the Year. Watch Dean talking about the benefits of a positive complaints culture for mental health service providers.

Message from Luca

Luca identifies as a consumer of mental health services. Watch Luca talk about about how voicing your concerns can help improve the system for young people.

Message from Zig

Zig identifies as a consumer and a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. In this video, Zig talks about the importance of speaking up and making a complaint if something is not right with your treatment. Zig explains how you can make a complaint directly to the service or to the MHCC.

Message from Zig and Luca

Zig and Luca both identify as consumers. Watch them talk about how the mental health system will only improve if consumers and carers speak up.

Message from Elvis

Elvis Martin is a youth leader who has managed to overcome challenging circumstances and inspire many with his advocacy for social justice. Elvis has worked, volunteered and spoken publicly in many roles, addressing mental health, homelessness, family violence and LGBTIQA+ community issues. Watch Elvis talk about how speaking up about your concerns can have a positive impact on your own, as well as other's experiences.

Message from a carer

Watch the video below to hear more about the campaign from a carer in the mental health system.

Message from Gloria

Gloria is a member of the MHCC Advisory Council. Gloria has worked in complaints resolution. She also has family members with lived experience of mental ill-health. Gloria is motivated to help influence positive change for consumers and carers alike.

Messages from clinicians

Watch the videos below to hear more about the campaign from clicians in the mental health system.

Message from Osmond

Osmond is a nurse unit manager at a public Victorian mental health service. Watch this video where Osmond speaks about the importance of listening to, and responding to complaints appropriately.

Message from Kerryn

Dr Kerryn Rubin is a clinical director of a public mental health service in Victoria. Watch him speak about the how a positive complaints culture can create greater trust with services and help improve the system for consumers and carers.

Reviewed 14 June 2022

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