Driven by lived experience tree

Driven by lived experience tree

When engaging with the Mental Health Complaints Commissioner

The MHCC honours and respects the collective experience and wisdom of mental health consumers, families and carers. This tree represents how our approach is driven by lived experience. The roots show what informs our work, and feed into the leaves which describe what we aim to achieve when people engage with the MHCC - the outcomes of our values in action.


  • You have a voice and a choice
  • You feel heard and valued
  • You feel safe
  • You influence positive change
  • Your individual needs are recognised and respected


  • Consumer experiences
  • Upholding human rights, dignity and autonomy
  • Family and carer experiences
  • Trauma informed
  • Recovery orientated
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Lived experience refers to the experiences of people living with mental and emotional distress and those accessing mental health services, as well as the experiences of families and carers. Consumer, family and carer perspectives have shaped the Mental Health Complaints Commissioner (MHCC) since its beginnings in 2014.

In 2018 the former Commissioner, Dr Lynne Coulson Barr, made a commitment that 'the MHCC will be driven by lived experience in everything we do'.

Our Driven by lived experience framework and strategy is the outcome of a project led by our Senior Advisor, Lived Experience and Education. Guided by principles of co-production, the project involved extensive research and collaboration with MHCC staff, Advisory Council members and others.

Download the framework and strategy:

Please contact us to provide your feedback on the strategy. We will continue to build on our history, evaluate our progress and grow our approach in the future.

About the framework and strategy

The framework and strategy document is made up of the following sections:


  • A history of how the MHCC was informed by lived experience consultations during its establishment and early years.


  • A new driven by lived experience principle developed to complement the MHCC’s 5 existing principles
  • A driven by lived experience tree showing the experiences we would like people to have when they engage with the MHCC
  • A set of statements that describe the actions we are taking in each of the MHCC’s work areas to achieve the principle in practice.


  • A driven by lived experience strategy with clear, measurable objectives and actions for 2020 to 2023.

Launch of the framework and strategy

Treasure Jennings, the Mental Health Complaints Commissioner, launched the MHCC’s Driven by lived experience framework and strategyExternal Link in October 2020.

Reviewed 14 April 2021

Mental Health Complaints Commissioner (MHCC)

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