Our vision

Our vision is a public mental health system that welcomes and learns from complaints, and makes quality and safety improvements to protect the rights of consumers, families and carers and uphold the principles of the Mental Health Act in all aspects of service delivery.

Our principles

Our principles reflect the objectives of the Mental Health Act 2014 (The Act) and the themes from consultations with consumers, families, carers and services.

Driven by lived experience


We are driven by the voice and collective experience and wisdom of consumers, families and carers. We honour and respect lived experience in all our work.

We understand that being accessible means different things for different people. We are responsive and flexible, and adapt our approaches to people’s individual needs and backgrounds. We work hard to make sure everyone can access and use our information and services, that our written material is easy to read and understand, and that our processes are simple.



We do our best to assist everyone who contacts us – there are ‘no wrong doors’ at the MHCC. We listen with compassion, empathy and an open mind. We are person-centred and seek to understand what is most important to the person in resolving their complaint. We treat all people with respect, dignity and courtesy, and embrace diversity.

We keep individuals and services informed about actions and outcomes through regular communication. Our decisions are based on fair and transparent processes and evidence, and our practices are consistent. 

We understand the importance of good relationships and communication. We work together with individuals, carers, families, services and other stakeholders. We share what we learn. We use our resources and information to influence positive change.

We always look for ways to learn and develop, asking people about their experience with us and drawing on their feedback to improve how we work.

Our strategic priorities

The MHCC Strategic Directions 2015-19 identifies key goals to guide our work and broad strategies that will help us achieve them. These strategies respond to feedback received from consumers, families, carers, services and other key stakeholders. 

Our strategic directions include four goals:

  • People are empowered – All consumers, families and carers are empowered to make a complaint or speak up.
  • Complaints are resolved locally – Victoria’s public mental health services respond to complaints in a way that supports people’s recovery and improves services. 
  • Practice improves – We see measurable, positive change at a local service level and across the public mental health system.
  • Our capability grows – We are an effective organisation that achieves positive change through our influence in the mental health system.