To fulfil our functions under the Mental Health Act 2014 (the Act), we have established four main areas of operation.

We have built a diverse team that includes people who have experience in the mental health system as consumers, families, carers and employees. We work collaboratively and share a common commitment to having a positive impact through the work that we do.

Resolutions and Review

Our Resolutions and Review team members receive and respond to enquiries and complaints made to our office, and conduct detailed assessments of the issues raised. They work with consumers, families, carers, and services to resolve complaints in ways that support people’s recovery and improve services. 

The team assesses complaints received, uses informal and formal dispute resolution approaches, and makes service improvement recommendations, including actions that aim to prevent a similar issue or event from happening in the future. As part of the MHCC’s safeguarding role, the team identifies quality and safety issues that may require review and further action, such as escalation, follow up with the service or investigation.

Specialist Advice and Investigations

Our Specialist Advice and Investigations team members provide legal and practice specialist advice for all areas of our work, including advice on any quality, risk and safeguarding issues identified in complaints, review of complex matters, and conduct of investigations. 

The team is led by the Deputy Commissioner and provides input into the development of best practice approaches to complaint resolution and investigation. Through case review and policy development, the team ensures our approach appropriately addresses the principles and requirements of the Act, the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006and other relevant legislation.

Education and Engagement

Our Education and Engagement team members work to promote awareness of the MHCC and the role of complaints in safeguarding rights and improving people’s experiences with services. They are responsible for providing advice, information, and education on effective approaches to complaints and complaint policies and procedures. 

They develop resources and programs to help address barriers to people making complaints and promote best practice complaint resolution. The team also promotes strong engagement with stakeholders by seeking ongoing feedback to ensure we meet the diverse needs of consumers, carers and services.

Operations and Strategic Projects (Strategy and Quality)

Our Operations and Strategic Projects (Strategy and Quality) team members manage the business processes required to run our office, including finances, information technology and human resources, and are responsible for our quality systems, strategic plans and projects. 

They are responsible for developing data, evaluation, and other operational systems to enable us to monitor our workload and performance, and to report effectively on the complaints made to the MHCC and the complaint reports received from services. The team conducts data and quality analysis to identify quality and safety issues in complaints, and undertakes strategic projects to identify underlying themes and areas for service improvement. We use the information from data analysis and strategic projects to inform recommendations, submissions and reports to promote systemic improvements.